Spotcheck is a new skin cancer screening service offered at Terry White Chemmart, which utilises the expertise of doctors currently practising skin cancer medicine.

Spotcheck assesses up to three individual spots, freckles and moles, especially those that are new or changing in colour or appearance.

Why us Spotcheck?

Spotcheck makes skin cancer checks quick, convenient and easily accessible to everyone. It uses the latest technology in mole analysis to accurately assess your spots, and with no appointment necessary, you can have your spots checked in stores and get peace of mind within 48 hours.

What's the difference between Spotcheck and a full skin check?

Spotcheck assesses up to three individual spots and takes only a few minutes. A full skin check is a more in depth process, requiring the full body to be scanned at the doctors. A full skin check should be conducted if you have more than three suspicious spots.

How much does it cost?

1 spot for $35, 2 spots for $50, 3 spots for $65. If you require more than three spots to be checked, we recommend having a full skin check by qualified health professional.

I've had my Spotcheck, now what happens?

If your spots are harmless, no action will be required. In case of spots with borderline or suspicious features, you will be advised as to the best form of follow up or investigation. If a spot is very high risk you will also be directly contacted by the doctor.

What happens with my details and results?

All communication abides by our strict privacy guidelines and will not be shared with the pharmacy without your consent.

When will I receive my report?

You will receive your report securely within 48 hours. In the unlikely event you haven't received your report by this time, please contact your Terry White Chemmart Pharmacy.