After many successful years we have changed our 3 stores making 2 of them part of the Terry White Chemmart Group.

In 1995 the then partners purchased the business of Mr Michael McHughs Pharmacy which was located near the corner of Eighth Street and Deakin Avenue in Deakin Avenue Mildura.

We closed the Lime Avenue Pharmacy and moved to Langtree Avenue, opening up as a Priceline Pharmacy.  This business is still associated with the two Terry White Chemmart stores.

In 1991 it was decided the old building in Deakin Avenue near 13th Street was in need of a major renovation,

In 2012 Len Poole and Geoff Steedman retired from the business and the ownership transferred to Selwyn Patterson.

The business was origianally owned by a Mrs Ruth Flanagan who owned the Pharmacy in the Deakin Avenue group of shops near 13th Street.